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Costa del Sol - life in the sun

This sunny Mediterranean coast stretches some 150 km in the lee of mountain ranges in Southern Spain, offers py so much more than sun, sea and beaches than anywhere else in Europe.

You will experience beautiful Andalusian mountain villages, glamorous marinas and stylish shopping, a rich culture and cuisine, and great natural beauty all around.

Marbella has long been a popular tourist destination year round, but more and more Europeans have followed the example of the rich and famous and now buy property here attracted by the climate and lifestyle that knows no equal in Europe.

Why choose the Costa del Sol?


- The best climate in Europe and one of the best in the world.

- An average of 320 sunny days a year.

Nature and culture:

- Beautiful scenery and environment.

- No pollution or traffic jams and many parks.

- Broad and rich cultural life.

Lifestyle and welfare:

- High and luxurious life.

- Life all year round.

- Relaxed and safe environment.

- Close to home, with daily, short and cheap flights.

- Cosmopolitan lifestyle.

- Warm heart, happy and helpful Andalusians.

- Almost everyone here speaks several languages.

- Maximum density of golf courses per. km2 in the world.

EAST Costa Del Sol

This is the 54 km stretch of coast east of Malaga city (the capital

of Málaga province).

From Malaga eastwards there are cliffs up to 200 meters where the Sierra Almijara

ends in the sea. This section ends at a place called Mara on a coastal plain. It has a landscape surrounded by traditional agriculture.

Nerja is the most important city in this end of the coast and has grown rapidly. Much of the eastern Costa del Sol's tourist staying in Nerja. Pueblos. also has one of this area's main tourist attractions - the Nerja Caves, a spectacular find that is open to the public and hosts an annual music and dance festival within its famous caves.At the foot of Nerja, there are several paths which end in several coves and there are some nice beaches in this area.

WEST Costa Del Sol

This is the 100 km of coastline that begins at Malaga city and stretches westward across

road to the border of Cadiz province.

This part of the coast is highly developed in terms of both property and infrastructure and it attracts an important percentage of Spain's international tourism.

Malaga International Airport (8 km west of the city) and the N340 backbone Coast Highway. In the middle of Costa substantially improved roads from San Pedro de Alcantara inland to the historic town of Ronda.


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